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About ThirdHand`s SS Footrest and Drag

"With out a doubt the best foot rest on the market hands down! Makes any sit and stand climber much much more comfortable! Now if I just had something to keep my eyes open while reclined back in my summit. "
   --  Paul Hosea in Newellton, Louisiana

About ThirdHand`s Universal Tree Stand Bow Holder

"Third Hand`s Bow Holder is a first class, best in category accessory for virtually any treestand. It`s simple, rigid and strong, quiet, and doesn`t damage your limbs. It mounts easily and since it holds so incredibly well, you can actually ascend in a climbing stand with it in the holder! How many times have we had a buck come along when we`re half way up a tree - and our bow is on the ground waiting to be pulled up??? Yeah, I`ve been there and done that a few times too many! Nice holder, a must have for any serious bowhunter."
   --  Stan Chiras in Tennessee

About ThirdHand`s Climbing Stand Stabilizer Straps (pair)

"I`ve been treestand hunting for over 50 years and have NEVER experienced the stability in ANY treestand as offered by Jim`s Stabilizer Straps! EVER!! The concept is so simple it`s crazy, but crazy good! You have to try these Stabilizer Straps to experience what a rock-solid perch is like. It`s better for accurate shots, for safety and for silent movement to make that ever-so-important shot. I would never leave home (or climb a tree!) without them. They`re the best accessory a treestand hunter could ever have!"
   --  Stan Chiras in Tennessee

About ThirdHand`s Cannot Fire Release

"I have known Jim at Third Hand for over 20 years and know him to be an innovative individual with many clever designs and quality products. As a national coach with 177 national champions, I can vouch personally for the “Cannot Fire Release”. This was designed to be able to draw a bow to full draw safely without firing it. This device will allow pro shops to let their customers draw a bow without fear of damaging their equipment. This item is also invaluable for people that need to rehab a shoulder injury and/or from a rotator cuff surgery or those who need to work up to a higher draw weight. It is sturdy and reasonably priced. I highly recommend every shop have several of these on hand."
   --  Bernie Pellerite in Blacklick, Ohio

About ThirdHand`s Climbing Stand Stabilizer Straps (pair)

"I have personally used the climbing Stand Stabilizer Straps for the past 3-4 years and the straps have changed the quality of my bowhunting. They make the stand safer, add tremendous stabilization and add to my backpacking transport. I would strongly recommend any tree climbing hunter to give these straps a try. I promise you, you want be disappointed! Joe R. Bumgardner, M.D., F.A.C.S. MBA Web Site Publishing Editor/Special Events Chairman/ MBA Liaison Officer/MBA Past President Mississippi Bowhunters Association 8 Countryside Road Starkville, MS 39759 Phone: 662-323-1514 Mobile: 662-617-1514 Fax: 662-615-3924 E-mail: Web Site: "
   --  Joe Bumgardner in Starkville, Mississippi