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About ThirdHand`s Rag Bag Target Covers (32x34)

"OH MY!! This target absolutely blew me away. The Rag Bag Target is where itís at if your a avid archery shooter like me. Itís cost effective in so many ways. "
   --  Customer in Missouri

About ThirdHand`s Climbing Stand Stabilizer Straps (pair)

"I am a new tree stand hunter and never felt totally secure in my stand using the old ratchet strap setup. I felt like I had to rush up and secure that ratchet strap asap leaving me worn out, sweaty and making noise broadcasting to the entire forest the somebody is over there. Having back problems and balance issues I have never been able to stay on stand for more than 4 hours. I spent only 2 hours on stand during my initial outing due to a successful hunt, just long enough to know that these Stabilizer Straps are a Game Changer!! I could move slow and climb quietly. I even had a second buck come into bow range while descending the tree. I was able to pause, lock the stand down and watch him for several minutes and never disturbed him. Oh yeah, I felt rock solid while doing so too. The following day I spent over 8 hours on stand, when the straps are tightened down it feels like the stand is bolted to the tree. You need these straps! Thank you for the Great Products and Outstanding Customer Support! "
   --  Mason in Westminster, Maryland

About ThirdHand`s Universal Tree Stand Bow Holder

"The Third Hand Bow Holder is by far the sturdiest bow holder on the market, it will fit every tree stand configuration. The third Hand Bow Holder is the most cost effective insurance you can purchase to protect your bow while hunting from a tree stand."
   --  James Moore in Lakeland, Florida

About ThirdHand`s Climbing Stand Stabilizer Straps (pair)

"The climbing stand Stabilizer Straps are a must for anyone who uses a climber tree stand. The Stabilizer Straps secure the seat frame to the bottom platform while climbing make your ascent and descent much safer. Once you reach your desired height the straps cinch the tree stand rock solid. "
   --  James Moore in Lakeland, Florida

About ThirdHand`s Treestand Treads

"The Tree Stand Treads are the perfect answer to squeaky wet rubber boots on the platform of your Summit Climber. They easily attach with a self adhesive peel and stick backing that will last for many years."
   --  James Moore in Lakeland, Florida